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Restaurant Reservations

The estate apartments shown on the website provide our guests with a fully equipped kitchen/kitchenette. However, if you do not want to cook and prefer to dine in a cozy local specialty tavern or an elegant restaurant; you may even prefer to eat out during you whole stay in Tuscany and dine in the local taverns' with a set menu.


risto300All this is possible.

Please notify us using the booking form section "Comments and/or Requests."

If you choose the last option (i.e., a set menu every night of your stay), we will book a table for you in advance in the nearest tavern. You will, of course, receive a quote promptly.

If you would like to book a table on occasion, you may indicate the days, when you require reservations, before the trip (using the booking form) or upon your arrival to Tuscany.
In this case, please call: (0039) 328-181-9820.


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